Format and Submission:


  • Articles should be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The format for the articles should follow the following templates:
  • This conference will use an online system that allows participants to submit their papers via Easy Chair. To submit your work, use the following address:  To use the system, you first need to create a user if you do not have one.
  • All contributions must have a 200 word abstract in English.

Full Scientific Articles

  • The full scientific articles should be between 8 to 12 pages.
  • Present research results, theoretical discussions, positioning, systematization of experiences, new developments, among others.
  • Will be reviewed by at least 2 experts in the area.
  • Will be presented individually at the conference

Short Scientific Articles

  • The short papers should be 4 to 6 pages.
  • Present work in progress, but innovative ideas put into practice, proposals, among others.
  • Will be presented in interactive group sessions.

Tutorials and Workshops

  • Those interested in offering a tutorial should send a brief description of it containing the following information: objectives, methodology, duration, resources required and the maximum number of students.
  • Those interested in organizing a workshop should send a brief description contains the following information: objectives, duration, possible interested in submitting articles to the workshop and the expected number of participants.
  • Use the templates not exceed 10 pages.

Learning Object Competition

  • The author must send the object, including a text file (free format) with basic information: authors, subject, audience and technical requirements (as appropriate).
  • The objects will be reviewed by a panel of experts
  • The finalists will present their objects at the conference
  • The objects will be published in LA FLOR repository